Litigation Support Services

Litigation management can be stressful. With various deadlines; people not responding to letters: witnesses “disappearing”; clients moving without telling you, etc, etc. We can help reduce stress levels in the following ways:

  • By rapidly locating and/or contacting those elusive witnesses. Arranging personal delivery of letters and/or Summonses – obtaining a written receipt (where possible) and securing contact telephone numbers. Providing proof of service.

  • By interviewing witnesses and taking detailed statements in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules – also provide an assessment of how a witness would fare in Court.

  • By arranging prompt service of letters, Statutory Demands and Court process upon businesses and individuals. Provide proof of service.

  • By conducting pre-suing enquiries and preparing financial status reports. See if subject worth pursuing through Court. If Judgment already obtained, then indication of best way to enforce.


This service applies to individuals and businesses, that is debtors, accident third parties, witnesses and beneficiaries, amongst other categories.

We only ever use legal, moral and ethical means to trace. We do however enjoy a high success rate, this by drawing upon experience and expertise, also local knowledge.

In the first place we would always attempt to trace by office research.

Sometimes it is not possible to confirm a new address satisfactorily without physical enquiries. The advantage of physically checking an address is that we can then be 100% satisfied that it is correct, also supply the client with useful information such as a description of the address and neighbourhood.

To request a trace please click here, complete the form as fully as possible and attach any supporting documentation, ie letter or contract, explaining the background to the matter. If there have been connected Court proceedings, then please supply the relevant Court, Case Name(s) and Case/Matter Number details. We will then receive this as an e-mail and promptly acknowledge same.

The trace request submission has been specifically designed to make it easier for the holder of a forwarding address or other relevant information (such as Letting Agent) to disclose this by using the exemptions set out in Schedule 2, Part 1, Section 5(3) of the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018). See the relevant section of DPA 2018 here.

IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to decline a trace request.

Due Diligence

Know who you are dealing with!

Businesses depend upon the honesty, reliability and stability of the people they do business with and those they employ. Nobody can be taken at face value and simply trusted. A “con-artist” is always “nice” until he/she has defrauded you.

Fraudulent Clients can often be prevented by our conducting background checks. With the aid of professional operatives, databases and international connections, we can ascertain the integrity, financial standing and history of businesses based in most parts of the civilised world. Detection of a “bad apple” by these means could literally save thousands of pounds sterling, not to mention untold hassle.

Dishonest employees can potentially ruin a business. It makes sense to carry out pre-employment checks to prevent the hiring of dishonest personnel. We can conduct enquiries to verify information supplied by applicants and detect history of debt and dishonesty. At the most basic level, we can conduct identity checks to confirm that they are who they say they are. It is every employer’s right to check information supplied by an applicant. Sole reliance upon references can be perilous.

As the old saying goes – prevention is better than cure.

Process Serving

Over the last four decades our Company has served every type of legal process imaginable.

Our Process Servers are experienced, professional and above all persistent, capable of dealing efficiently with service upon the most wily and evasive individuals. We are full conversant with the rules and procedure for service of all types of process, keeping constantly up-dated.

When serving Originating debt related process, we know that the client may appreciate guidance with the next step – how to enforce Judgment? We, therefore, make a point of noting what type of property the debtor is residing in, details of any vehicles seen, etc and always report same. All of our Process Servers are also experienced Investigators.

Time is of the essence, so we always endeavour to serve as quickly as possible, often on day of receipt. We keep the client fully informed by telephone and e-mail. In all cases we supply a detailed report together with (when required) a professionally presented Affidavit, Certificate or Statement of Service.

Accident Investigations

Primarily this involves road accidents, but we have investigated accidents in numerous different locations, even on one occasion a beach! The various components to this service are as follows:

  • Trace witnesses and take detailed Statements in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules. Provide detailed report giving a summary of the interview and an assessment of the witness.

  • Interview any involved party on the instructions of their Insurer. Take detailed CPR compliant Statement, also question in detail with regard relevant insurance matters, such as any previous accidents and offences. Provide detailed report and assessment of person interviewed.

  • Produce detailed accident locus report including a sketch plan, indexed photographs and (where specifically requested) video. This can be particularly useful in the case of a RTA to show the line vehicles take through a corner or similar. A video camera mounted inside a vehicle can graphically depict the view of a driver on approach to and through a locus.

  • When attending a locus we always endeavour to make enquiries in the locality to determine if it is a “black-spot” or any changes have taken place. Previously undiscovered, useful witnesses can sometimes be located in this manner.