Litigation Support Services

Litigation management can be stressful. With various deadlines; people not responding to letters/emails; witnesses “disappearing”; clients moving without telling you and so on. We can help reduce stress levels in the following ways:

  • By locating and/or contacting those elusive witnesses. Arranging personal delivery of letters and/or Summonses – obtaining a written receipt (where possible) and securing contact telephone numbers/email addresses. Provide professional proof of service.

  • By interviewing witnesses and taking detailed statements in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules – also provide an assessment of how a witness would fare in Court.

  • By arranging prompt service of letters, Statutory Demands and Court process upon businesses and individuals. Provide proofs of service.

  • By conducting pre-suing enquiries and preparing financial status reports. See if subject worth pursuing through Court. If Judgment already obtained, then give indication of best way to enforce.


To instruct us to trace, click here: Online Trace Request Form

Can locate individuals and businesses, including debtors, accident third parties, witnesses, and beneficiaries, amongst other categories.

We only use legal, moral, and ethical means to trace, but enjoy a high success rate by drawing upon over 40 years of experience and expertise. 

IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to decline a trace request.

Process Serving

Over the last 4 decades our Company has served every type of legal process imaginable.

Our Process Servers are experienced, professional and above all persistent, capable of dealing efficiently with service upon the most wily and evasive individuals. We are full conversant with the rules and procedure for service of all types of process, keeping constantly up-dated.

Being experienced Investigators, our Process Servers also observe and note details which may be useful to the client, such as describing the person who was served; any relevant comments made; describing possible assets – property, vehicles etc.

Our detailed reports contain much more than time, date, and place of service.

Time is of the essence, so we always endeavour to serve as quickly as possible, often on day of receipt. We keep the client fully informed by telephone and e-mail. In all cases we supply a report together with (when required) a professionally presented Affidavit, Certificate or Statement of Service. Often we also secure a signed receipt from the person served.

Miscellaneous Services

Using online facilities and a network of proven, professional agents throughout the UK, we can provide a variety of other services including:

  • Property checks to ascertain condition and occupant details.
  • Checks to verify identity and address.
  • Collection of documents.
  • Obtaining signatures to documents/statements.
  • Collection of documentation from Courts.
  • Lodging documents at Courts.
  • Taking photographs of properties (commercial & residential) and vehicles.